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I use science based approaches in my practice. While I may incorporate a variety of methods (mindfulness, acceptance and commitment, emotion regulation), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is the approach that informs much of the work I do with others. CBT is evidenced-based (supported by research), skill-based, and goal-focused. The process includes education, understanding individual or family patterns, monitoring progress, and the learning and application of skills targeting what we do (behaviors), what we think (cognitions), and how we feel (emotions). Woven throughout therapy is a focus on values and fostering positive connections.



I am licensed in New York and Connecticut. I work with many people from the New York Metropolitan area (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester) and Fairfield County (Ridgefield, Wilton, Westport). All services are provided via telehealth although there may be opportunities to meet for an intake in Mt. Kisco, NY or Ridgefield, CT. In most cases telehealth is as effective as in person care and is widely covered by most insurance companies. 


- Anxiety and depression (generalized anxiety, health, social, rituals, ruminations, panic attacks, and avoidance)

- Health Anxiety

- Brain-gut dysregulation disorders (e.g., irritable bowel syndrome/IBS) and other primary pain disorders 

- Managing and decreasing pain and fatigue


- Chronic illness management (Inflammatory bowel disease/IBD, ) and coordinating other life roles (work, relationships, family). 

- Adjustment (new life transitions, college, moving, family planning)


- Parent training (setting limits, increasing child compliance, increasing positive interactions and communication)

-Parent support in managing a child/teen with anxiety and depression, school and social stress, too much screen time, and handling transitions 

-Parent support to best help their child manage their chronic illness or physical symptoms and transition to independent care during adolescence. 




​Child & Adolescent

- Anxiety (perfectionism, procrastination, trouble separating, school worries, shy, worries about traveling, rituals)

- Pain management or coping with medical conditions (specialty in gastroenterology issues - IBD, IBS, GERD/reflux, pain)


- Depression and self-esteem

- Emotional outbursts

- Social relations and skills training

- Sleep training


All services offered through telehealth



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